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Underlying movement

Beneath the surface

Differing from the uppercurrent



The moon moves the water. Tides of the sea. Rhythm of ebb and flood. Coming and going. Giving and taking. Sometimes gentle and peaceful, other times rough and loud. The water of our bodies move in this similar dynamic flow. We become aware of it by our mood and the way we are feeling. By our sleep and by the quality of our energy. These are some important signs. They show us where we stand and how we relate. When we are aligned, we flow like the tides of the sea. When we feel blocked or when there is resistance in us, a quiet storm can just rage inside of us. A clash between the inner and the outer world.

Last harvest

Today is the 15th of August and this is the sixth full moon blog in a row of 13 moons that Rosalie and I create together in our project Circles. This afternoon at 14:31 hours we welcome a new full moon. The last one of this summer. Right now, we are still fully captured by the powerful Sun as we radiate from the inside out. Soon this fire will slowly decrease and we will return to connect with Mother Earth. This change is already manifesting inside of us. Like the trees, the flowers and the plants we are transforming our harvest into tiny but most powerful seeds for next sowing season. This moment asks for a brief reflection. To take a look back on the road you travelled thus far. Where do you stand? What have you achieved? And how does that make you feel? We are entering the time and space of the undertow. Feeling and aligning to our deeper underlying movement.



This word ‘undertow’, the feeling it gives me and the words by Rosalie, inspired me to make this illustration. If you would like, you can click on it and download it for free. You could use it as a background on your phone of print it out and hang it above your desk.


If you would like to continue reading, please visit Rosalie’s website. Here you will find some more perspectives on this subject and also a little practice you can do. Rosalie writes in Dutch, though.

A beautiful song that touches me deeply is this one by Ane Brun. I hope you will like it as much as I do.


Project Circles is a co-creation of Rosalie Heefer (text) and Leonie Verbrugge (illustration)

The woman’s pose in my drawing is inspired by a photo by Brett Stanley.

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