My portfolio site shows things reasonably simple, and so my work does the talking. It gets you straight to the artwork and my story behind it. Enjoy!
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Narrative images and appealing book designs that touch people

Are you a publisher, an art director or image editor and you don’t succeed in:

  • putting your new book series on the map?
  • finding an illustrator that can depict the character of your (childrens) book in a matching way?
  • getting fine designs and illustrations that reinforce your story, matching your target group?


Imagine what it would be like if:

  • the character of your (childrens)book will be exactly like you’ve had in mind?
  • the good designs and compelling illustrations reinforce your story and reach your target group?
  • your new book series becomes a big succes?


My name is Leonie Verbrugge and I make (book) designs and illustrations suiting you or your organisation.

This can be from sleek to fairytale-like and from simple to detailed and layered.


Making something beautiful together

Would you make something beautiful with me? Call me, so that we can start quickly! I am happy to listen

to your question and will provide you with a fitting answer.

With my passion for illustration and book design I help you to depict and reinforce your story.


Contact +31 (0)6 – 14 315 375