hand lettering
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Recipe for yellow

De afgelopen maand zag mijn bureau geel, niet alleen door het zonnetje dat naar binnen scheen, maar ook door het thema van deze ‘Zusterhood’-maand: ‘Recept voor geel’.

Over the past month, my desk was yellow, not just because of the sunlight through the window, but also because of the theme of this ‘Sisterhood’ month, being ‘Recipe for yellow’.


Enjoy where you are now!

What a great five weeks it has been! I have been following the MATS e-course ‘Illustrating Childrens Books’ and it feels sad to have submitted my final assignment for the course last Sunday. I wish it would last for another 5 weeks.


Winter sleep

Best wishes for 2017! I hope it will bring you lots of good and happiness. A new year, a new month and so it’s time for a new wallpaper.


Back to school?

Oh, how I would love to be back in the classroom if it would be in one of the beautiful sections of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Fontys Hogeschool) in Eindhoven.


E for earthy

Time to start a new illustration project, an ABC of emotions. I choose a random letter and an emotion that starts with this letter. The letter ‘E’ for today seems appropriate.


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