Leonie Verbrugge | illustrator & book designer | Testimonials for Leonie Verbrugge
'Leonie has proven to be a true illustrator at heart. She illustrates with warmth and passion, has an eye for the bigger picture, but without forgetting about the nuances. '
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Leonie Verbrugge testimonials 04

Kim Stoltz  Managing Director Greater Nordic Region (including Benelux) at Ottobock

‘Thank you again , I am very pleased with the outcome. We showed the illustration during our strategy meetings with each of our team this week and it was well received.’

Nadja Doodkorte  Marketing Consultant at Ottobock Benelux

‘Leonie always delivers quality, she contributes ideas about the envisioned result of an illustration, she makes beautiful work and is a very pleasant person to work with, which is important as well. I didn’t hesitate to ask Leonie for the job. She had the perfect solution for my question. I am already recommending Leonie to others all the time :-)’

Claartje ten Have  ‪interior designer at Studio Moj and Bossche Studio’s

‘I chose for Leonie because her work is an exact match for what I was looking for and because working with her is very pleasant. She contributes ideas, is pragmatic, delivers on her promises, is clear and makes beautiful creations. Leonie most definitely helped me with my question. Despite the fact that the briefing wasn’t very clear and structured, she was able to to translate it, as well as the input from students, the project leader and me as designer and to convert it into a total concept. I will most definitely recommend Leonie to others and I hope we will be able to do more projects together in the future. The illustrations at Fontys have greatly contributed to the appearance of the identity of the training. I hope to be able to use her illustrations this way more often, because it is a great way to process the input of the customer in an interior.’

Maarten Sars  project leader at Fontys Hogeschool service Housing and Facilities

‘Claartje ten Have recommended Leonie and that is why we chose her. I doubted that choice for a second, because I saw the images on her website and they were not in line with what I wanted. Claartje assured me not to worry about this and to engage in conversation with Leonie. The first conversation was enlightening, but the images with the first session made the difference.

We could detail the wishes of the customer much better than I had anticipated. This is partly because Leonie adopted the idea brilliantly and was very flexible and contributed ideas. I will most certainly recommend Leonie to others. The images of FHMM are effective, as you can see.’

Bard Bothe  author of Kleine Wolk

‘With Kleine Wolk, Leonie has proven to be a true illustrator at heart. She illustrates with warmth and passion, has an eye for the bigger picture, but without forgetting about the nuances. She drew each letter of the picture book with a pen, giving the book much more authenticity and strength. Leonie sucks you into the story. Her imagery is creative and convincing. Working with her was extremely constructive.’

Joost Bataille  photographer at Zuurkoolmetworst Hedendaagse Fotografie

‘Leonie’s website always lingered in my mind and she turned out to be exactly the right person to design my photography and poetry book. She could almost read my mind and surprised me with her input. And that’s exactly why you hire a designer: to surprise you with beautiful things that you could never have come up with yourself. Things that also match exactly what you had in mind.’

Nanneke van Drunen  freelance communication consultant, copywriter and story getter

‘Leonie asks questions to find out what it is that you truly want and translates this into beautiful designs. In this, she helps you make your own ideas even stronger. Leonie created a beautiful booklet for Stichting World Child Care, a booklet we are extremely proud of. I strongly recommend working together with Leonie.’

Rob Bruijnzeels  library consultant also affiliated to the Ministry of Imagination and Rogues, a travel agency for public libraries

‘I have come to know and appreciate Leonie as a true professional: creative, involved and committed. And as someone who is extremely good at reading the wishes of her principal. Recommendable!’

Coby de Vries  communication advisor

‘Leonie is a solid designer. She delivers beautiful work and has great advice. Professional, creative, involved and with a personal touch. Exactly what you want!’