Leonie Verbrugge | illustrator & book designer | About Leonie Verbrugge
Throughout the years, I discovered that I enjoy designing books and making illustrations the best. It comes straight from my heart.
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Drawing is in my blood. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawing. I never had a novel hidden under my bed, as that place was occupied by a sketchbook and a pencil. I would draw before going to school, after school and often I would be secretly drawing at night, with a flashlight under my duvet, when I was supposed to be sleeping. In high school I would draw on all my notebooks and on my canvas backpack. In addition, I painted the posters for the disco and movie nights at school by hand. The choice to go to the Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving (Academy of Art and Design) in Den Bosch, was a given.



The academy opened my eyes. Such a variety of people and expressions! During my freshman year I was able to absorb, discover and try out impressions. I chose graphic design as my major and in 2001 I was awarded my diploma. After graduating, I spend ten years working as a graphic designer at a small design agency in Den Bosch. That is where I learned the trade of graphic design and typography.


My passion
Slowly, I started feeling the urge to become independent. As a freelancer, I would be able to combine creating autonomous work with the care for my two daughters. I took the plunge and started my own company. For more than four years, I did graphic design for a large variety of customers. I really enjoyed designing logos, corporate identities, books and posters. Throughout the years, I discovered that I enjoy designing books and making illustrations the best. It comes straight from my heart. That is why I shifted my focus to these activities.

In addition to drawing, I have always been interested in stories, preferably illustrated ones. I used to read stacks and stacks of a Dutch illustrated book series called Suske and Wiske (Spike and Suzy in English). I processed my own story in a series of illustrations called ‘Family Life’. All these images are based on my old family photos.


Your story

I love to listen to the stories others have to tell. Show me your (old) photo albums and you’ve got me. With my passion for illustrating and book designs, I am happy to help you depict and empower your story.

I always draw up my quotation based on your specific demand. I attach great importance to a personal introduction as the start of our collaboration. Your story, vision and the message you wish to convey, is something that I really want to grasp. Based on that, I can create a concrete planning. During the creative process, I frequently schedule coordination moments, to assure that we can achieve a great result together.

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